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Montefiore Investment invests in Koesio, the main SMEs’ and local authorities’ digital service provider

By 17 October 2023February 14th, 2024No Comments

Paris, 12th October 2023. Montefiore Investment, the reference fund for SMEs and Mid-Cap services companies, announces its investment in Koesio, alongside Pierre-Eric Brenier, Chairman and Founder, and Gilles Perrot, CEO. The deal also brings together the Group’s senior executives, employees via a FCPE, BNP Paribas Développement, Société Générale Capital Partenaires, and the Crédit Agricole Group, through IDIA Capital Investissement, Crédit Agricole Alpes Développement and Crédit Agricole Régions Investissement.

Historically specialised in printing solutions, Koesio has successfully developed a full and complementary range of digital and telecom solutions to address French businesses’ growing digital needs, particularly for SMEs and local authorities.

Created in 1991, in Valence, under the leadership of its founder, Pierre-Eric Brenier, subsequently joined in 2018 by Gilles Perrot, Koesio has grown from 415 million euros in 2020 to over 1 billion euros in sales in 2023. This growth, enhanced by all of the Group’s activities, has been fuelled by a double-digit organic growth since its creation. At the same time, the Group has pursued an outstanding dynamic external growth strategy, enabling it to expand its range of services, reinforce its national network and initiate its international expansion.

Pierre-Eric Brenier (Koesio): “I’m delighted to welcome Montefiore Investment as the leading partner of our first capital transaction. We share common values combined with a human scaled French team, headquartered just behind our Paris offices. For this first step, we needed the proximity that we have always emphasised with our customers.”

Gilles Perrot (Koesio): “We are very proud of this consortium, which reflects both our determination to move forward and our loyalty to our history and culture, with Montefiore Investment alongside us, funds managed by our banks who have faithfully been with us for many years in the development of the group.”

Henri Topiol (Associé chez Montefiore Investment): “We met an outstanding management team, whose ability to sustain constant and dynamic growth and ambitious development projects amazed us, while being perfectly in line with our DNA, our values and our ESG commitment. We are very honoured that Montefiore Investment has been chosen by Koesio’s management to open their capital to a financial investor for the first time.”

The transaction is subject to the usual regulatory approvals and is expected to be closed by the end of 2023.

About Koesio group

Koesio, founded in 1991 by Pierre-Eric Brenier, is a French key player in the distribution of hardware and software, operating across printing, IT and telecom, mainly targeting SMEs and local authorities through a dense local network. The Group employs over 3,600 people and has 180 branches in France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Koesio has experienced a significant
growth since 2020, duplicating its sales (1.1 billion euros at the end of March 2023) thanks to strong organic growth and an active external growth strategy. For further information, please visit

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About Montefiore Investment

Created in 2005, Montefiore Investment is the reference Private Equity firm dedicated to service SMEs and mid-market companies. With a team of 50 employees, and relying on its sector expertise and know-how, the company successfully supports companies in their growth and development projects. Montefiore Investment has demonstrated its ability to transform SMEs and midcap companies into true European champions. Its performance has enabled it to establish itself as a key player in mid-market private equity. Based in Paris and Milan, Montefiore Investment currently manages 4 billion euros of equity and invests ticket sizes ranging from 20 million euros to 200 million euros to finance sustainable and profitable growth for its portfolio companies. Since 2021, Montefiore Investment has also been a shareholder and strategic partner of Starquest, dedicated to investments in innovative companies with a strong environmental impact (GreenTech).