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Montefiore Investment considers environmental and social risks and impacts on three levels.

1/ Sustainable Investment

Promote a sustainable transition
through investment.

2/ Internal Operations and Governance

Promote sustainable practices
within Montefiore Investment itself.

3/ Sector and Philanthropic Initiatives

Promote sustainable initiatives within the investment sector.

Sustainability issues integrated in every stage of the investment and value-creation process.

When conducting our preliminary review of a company, we assess its sustainability risks. Goal: find drivers to support management teams aiming to boost their sustainability performances or, conversely, withdraw from the investment process.

Strategic support, development of a roadmap and performance indicators, appointment of an in-house sustainability officer: we harness the right drivers to support companies in their sustainable transition and assess their progress each year.

During the disposal process, we showcase the company’s sustainability path, so that its development and maturity are financially rewarded.

Governance and Operations

Comprising three partners, the sustainability officer and several employees, the Montefiore Sustainability Committee oversees strategy and implementation of the sustainability policy. The policy is implemented on a decentralised basis in the investment, middle and back office teams. In addition, the annual bonuses paid to team members are partly linked to their involvement in implementing our ESG policy.

Internally, we have made a number of formal commitments, including adopting a climate strategy and a travel policy, introducing measures to reduce and process waste, developing and recognising human capital, notably via a training programme, and giving virtually all employees a share in value creation.

Philanthropie et Initiatives sectorielles

We are also following through on our sustainability commitments via several social initiatives. For example: we have pledged to allocate the equivalent of 10% of carried interest in the Nov Tourisme fund to training grants in the tourism and hospitality sector. We are also playing an active role within France Invest’s Sustainability Commission: several of our members are involved in working groups, and our Sustainability Director sits on the steering committee.

Finally, to affirm our commitment to responsible investing and contribute to sector initiatives in this area, Montefiore Investment has been a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) since 2013, of the France Invest Responsible Investor Charter since 2018, of the France Invest Gender Equality Charter since 2020, and of the International Climate Initiative (ICI) since 2021.

Montefiore Investment is committed to sustainable development in two ways: as a responsible investor in SMEs operating in the service sector, and as one of the leading companies in its sector.