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Montefiore Spirit, inspiring the right choices

Besides our strategy and expertise,
Montefiore’s own performances and those of our investee companies are driven by shared values and our teamwork approach.

Montefiore Spirit encompasses ethics, the overriding importance of action and results, demanding standards, accountability, a spirit of initiative but also team spirit, an emphasis on substance over form, direct communication, decision-making based on constructive opposition, and the joy of working and succeeding together. We have nurtured this spirit at every stage of Montefiore Investment's development. It informs our investment approach and the way we operate internally.

Eric BismuthChairman of Montefiore Investment

Montefiore, an ally guided by core values

Several core values underpin the relations that we forge with entrepreneurs and companies. These values enable us to build close and enduring ties based on respect, mutual trust, transparency and strongly aligned interests.

Just like the entrepreneurs and business leaders that we partner, we have big ambitions for the companies in which we invest. We encourage bold strategies, strive for excellence at every level, and promote the alignment of all stakeholder interests.

Besides respect, which anchors all our interactions, our support is rooted in the trust that we place in our investee companies and their senior leaders. Our watchwords are care, cooperation and autonomy. From experience, we know that trust-based relations are critical to the success of entrepreneurial endeavours.

Drawing on our independence and two decades of entrepreneurial experiences, both our own and those of our partners, we share a common culture with the business leaders that we support. Keenly attuned to real-world needs and realities on the ground, we know that success depends on the ability to be agile in the face of a structurally uncertain environment, while paying attention to human factors.

Montefiore, an ally that strikes a balance
between the short term and the long term

The success of investee companies is also down to a unique approach that seeks to strike a balance between the short and long term when making strategic decisions and taking action.

We tailor our investment horizon to meet the needs of different projects and the journey that we are on together. We have supported hundreds of companies over almost 15 years, gradually turning them into European champions.