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In 2022, Montefiore Investment teamed up with Challenges and PwC to launch le Grand Prix des Lionnes, an annual competition that puts the spotlight firmly on SMEs and mid caps, rewarding them for their sound and sustainable business models, the dedication of their senior leaders and the strength of their projects.

What is the best business metric? While some prefer to celebrate Unicorns (for their financial valuation) or Centaurs (for their recurring earnings), Montefiore has chosen to focus on Lionesses. These are independent French SMEs and mid caps that combine two key qualities:

Record growth of more
than 10% over the long run

Generate solid returns, enabling them to fund their development, invest and innovate


award created
companies recognised

True to Montefiore Investment’s long-held convictions and our determination to promote high-performing and sustainable trajectories, the Grand Prix des Lionnes recognises the growth models of truly outstanding companies. While they are often overlooked in the public discourse, SMEs and mid caps are vital to the modernisation of our economy, our re-industrialisation and our green transition.

The Grand Prix des Lionnes turns the spotlight onto these firms, which make up 55% of jobs in the private sector (not counting micro-businesses), 50% of the value added generated by French companies and almost 50% of export values. By supporting the strategic acceleration of these key players, Montefiore Investment is helping to stimulate the French economy’s largest pool of jobs and competitiveness.


Business services: Sofrilog
Rui Pereira, Sébastien Bossard and Caroline Baral

Technology: Visiativ
Guillaume Anelli

Greentech : Sites
Dominique Reith

Industry: Novair
Bernard Zenou, Laurent Zenou and Valérie Bokobza

Consumer services and goods: Amorino
Paolo Benassi

Disruption: Weezevent
Pierre-Henri Deballon

ESG: Kyotherm
Arnaud Susplugas

Territories: Delta Dore
Pascal Portelli

Special award: Fusalp
Sophie Lacoste

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