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Accelerate pathways to success through choices that tackle today’s challenges and support tomorrow’s aspirations.

From the very outset, this goal has guided our investment decisions and shaped the strategic support that we provide to portfolio companies. The result is an approach that strikes a balance between the short term, the long term, profitability and sustainability. We have taken a new step forward by creating a sustainability roadmap to take us through to 2030, recognising that sustainability will be a key driver in the transformation and long-term attractiveness of our economy.

In addition to instilling ESG best practices within Montefiore itself and investee companies, we advocate for a sustainable development model based on the profitable growth of SMEs and mid caps. The heart and soul of France’s economy, these companies account for the vast majority of jobs in our country and will take the lead in meeting today’s big challenges, including reindustrialisation and the green transition.


of firms have a value-sharing programme
of executive committee positions are held by women
of firms measure their carbon footprint based on Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

Designed to be in step with the changes of our time, we have made a three-tiered sustainability commitment:


On the economic front, first of all, through efforts to support sustainable growth and profitability at our portfolio companies, with the aim of generating value and extremely positive long-term returns for these companies and their ecosystems.

Social and societal

A strong social dimension, with the creation of many jobs in our portfolio and an emphasis on sharing value creation with employees – human-capital development, inclusivity and diversity are among our central ESG goals.


An assertive environmental approach, with assessments to mitigate risks and integrate them in a strategy to reduce adverse impacts. Following this stage, we identify potential business opportunities with a positive environmental impact.

Action plan:
a roadmap for 2030

In 2022, Montefiore Investment set a series of sustainability goals to be met by 2030, with mid-term targets for 2025. Forged through fruitful discussions with employees, which were structured with help from outside experts, these commitments apply to portfolio companies but also to Montefiore Investment itself. Set within the framework of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 5, 8 and 13, they cover four main areas: employment, equality, value-sharing and climate.

Every year, Montefiore’s Sustainability Committee is tasked with assessing the progress made against the quantitative goals in the mid-term roadmap.

Find out more about our sustainable investment strategy: here

Nos Objectifs de Développement Durable :

Job creation (net and via acquisitions), mainly in France and Europe


9,000 & 18,000

Involve employees in value creation: set up profit-sharing programmes



Gender equality: balanced representation for men and women in executive committees



Climate: measure carbon footprint across Scopes 1, 2 and 3; identify emissions reduction trajectories