Our strategy relies on two pillars:

  • A clear and strong focus on service businesses
  • A unique know-how in supporting ambitious growth plans, in France and internationally

Montefiore Investment is the reference investor in service SMEs and mid cap companies. We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of these businesses and invest in diversified market segments where we have demonstrated our added-value:

  • Tourism and Leisure (travel, lodging, restaurants, leisure, etc.)
  • B2C services (brands, specialized distribution, healthcare, education, personal services, etc.)
  • B2B services (business services, specialized B2B distribution, services to communities, etc.)

Since 2005, we have accumulated a unique experience in actively supporting the development of service businesses and have directly contributed to creating market leaders in France and in Europe. We provide companies with our specific know-how in growth acceleration, international expansion, digital transformation, external growth and human capital development.

Montefiore Investment targets companies with revenues ranging from €25 million to €250 million. We mainly design majority buy-out and growth-capital transactions. We typically invest between €15 million and €100 million in equity, from various types of vehicles.