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Mistertemp’ group announces reorganization of its capital: Andera Partners succeeds Montefiore Investment

By 18 January 2024February 13th, 2024No Comments

Paris, January 18, 2024. Alexandre Pham, President and Founder, announces the capital reorganisation within the Mistertemp’ group, the French leader in digital temporary staffing, with Andera Partners taking over from Montefiore Investment alongside the group’s managers.

Established in 2009 and based in Paris, Mistertemp’ group provides a multichannel offer of HR services (temporary work and recruitment) in France and in Europe. The group initiated a radical change to its market based on an approach combining a network of local franchised agencies with an innovative proprietary digital platform. Given the lack of profiles, its technology, which relies on generative AI, has enabled the securing of 2.6 million candidates.

Mistertemp’ group distinguishes itself by offering an extremely attractive offer to its franchisees: for an initial personal contribution of €25,000, a franchisee generates an average yearly turnover of €2.5M. With thirty new agencies each year, the group now has 200 agencies in France and 10 agencies in Italy. Since Montefiore’s investment in 2017, Mistertemp’ group’s annual business volume has grown by 25% per annum, reaching €420M in 2023.

Through its Lynx RH brands for support functions, engineering and IT, Aquila RH for industry, logistics and BTP and Vitalis Medical for health professionals, more than 60,000 people thus work for 12,000 small-and medium-sized company and large account clients. For around thirty large account clients, Mistertemp’ group has specifically implemented its “Digital Onsite” offer which combines the strength of its digital tools with the physical presence of HR experts of the Mistertemp’ group on the large sites of its clients.

The group now seeks to exceed €1Bn in business volume by 2028, by rolling out networks throughout French and Italian territories and expanding across new countries such as Germany and Spain, as well as reinforcing its digital platform.

Alexandre Pham, President, Mistertemp’ group, déclares : “After six years of exceptional support from the Montefiore team, we are excited to embark on a new chapter with Andera. In this next phase, we will continue to pursue our internationalisation objectives, as we replicate our model that synergizes the robustness of our digital tools with the local engagement of entrepreneurs. Our aim is to emerge as one of the leading European entities in the coming years.“

Henri Topiol, Partner, Montefiore Investment, adds : “We are very proud to have partnered with Mistertemp’ group and its managers during this remarkable development phase in which the company became the leader of digital temp’ staffing in France, while asserting its social commitment. Mistertemp’ has remarkable assets to continue growing in France and internationally: we wish the team the greatest success.“

François-Xavier Mauron and Sylvain Charignon, Partners, Andera Partners, commented :
We are very happy to join Alexandre Pham and his management team in this new development cycle. Mistertemp’ group perfectly illustrates the investment strategy of Andera Midcap: a team of experienced and ambitious managers which effectively carries out its group’s change of scale both in France and internationally, thanks to a unique and scalable phygital business model. We will specifically support the group in its international development by means of external growth.“

About Montefiore Investment

Created in 2005, Montefiore Investment is the reference Private Equity firm dedicated to service SMEs and mid-market companies. With a team of 50 employees, and relying on its sector expertise and know-how, the company successfully supports companies in their growth and development projects. Montefiore Investment has demonstrated its ability to transform SMEs and midcap companies into true European champions. Its performance has enabled it to establish itself as a key player in mid-market private equity. Based in Paris and Milan, Montefiore Investment currently manages over €4 billion of equity and invests ticket sizes ranging from €20 million to €200 million in order to finance sustainable and profitable growth for its portfolio companies. Since 2021, Montefiore has also been a shareholder and strategic partner of Starquest, a management company dedicated to investments in innovative companies with a strong environmental impact (GreenTech).

About Mistertemp’ group

Established in 2009, Mistertemp’ group is a leader in the interim sector connecting a network of more than 200 agencies in France through the power of a digital tool. In order to enhance market liquidity without destabilizing it, the objective of the company is to digitize and revolutionize the interim sector while maintaining a human link and strong support. It fosters growth and change of skills of companies by offering to its 12,000 clients and 2,600,000 candidates flexibility in research and responsiveness in employment. The teams thus secure the daily employment of 8,500 people.

About Andera Partners

Created over 20 years ago, Andera Partners is a major player in private company investments in France and internationally. Its teams manage nearly €4Bn in investments in life sciences (Andera Life Sciences), growth and buyout capital (Andera MidCap, Andera Expansion/Croissance, Andera Co-Invest), sponsorless transactions (Andera Acto) and infrastructure environmental transition (Andera Infra).

Andera Partners’ mission is to work alongside companies and their managers to support them in achieving strong and sustainable growth. The quality of performance offered to our investors relies on a strong partnership between the entrepreneurs in our portfolio companies and our teams, based on shared values. Performance through collective engagement, the “Power of And”, constitutes Andera Partners’ DNA.

Based in Paris, with offices in Antwerp, Milan and Munich, Andera Partners is wholly owned by its teams, which count nearly 115 professionals, of which 69 investment professionals. It is structured as a partnership and managed by a board of 12 partners.