Growth acceleration

The core of our strategy is accelerating and/or sustaining profitable growth.

Over the past ten years, our portfolio companies have grown at an average 15% per year, regardless of the economic context. This is about 10x the French GDP growth even though we only invest in well established companies in so-called “mature segments”, with sales ranging from €25 million to €200 million.

As a result, approximately 75% of the value we created for our investors during the same period was due to profitable growth.

We have a proven and longstanding experience in supporting service companies to achieve accelerated profitable growth by:

  • Stimulating organic growth
  • Identifying and executing the most attractive acquisitions
  • Enhancing and leveraging digital transformation
  • Initiating or accelerating international expansion
  • Adapting the organization and the infrastructure to a new dimension
  • Developing human capital while maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit