Investment Year: 2012

Sector: B2B Services / Surveys

BVA is industry leader in market surveys and opinion polls, specializing in consumer goods, services and healthcare. BVA is headquartered in France, but generates a large part of its revenues internationally, primarily in the USA, in Europe and in China.

Montefiore Investment partnered with BVA’s management in a majority growth capital transaction. With a reinforced financial structure and an accelerated growth trajectory, BVA is becoming an international leader in market surveys, combining innovation, digital transformation, international development and external growth.

Since Montefiore invested in BVA in 2013, the group’s revenues have been multiplied by 2.5, through a mix of organic growth and acquisitions.
The Group has also significantly increased its international presence, half of BVA’s business now being generated outside of France, with the notable integration of the American company PRS in 2015.

In July 2017, Montefiore Investment sold the company to Naxicap Partners.


  • Exclusive talks about the sale of BVA (in French) 13 June 2017
  • BVA acquires american firm PRS (in French) 4 January 2016
  • BVA grows in Consumer Surveys (in French) 3 January 2016
  • BVA acquires Master Consultant (in French) 7 February 2013