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Montefiore Investment announces the interim closing of two new funds, for a total of 1.4 billion

By 13 September 2023February 14th, 2024No Comments

Paris, September 13, 2023. Montefiore Investment, the reference fund for SMEs and Mid-Cap services companies, announce the intermediate closing of its new generation of funds, “Montefiore Investment VI” and “Montefiore Investment Expansion”, for a total amount of over 1.4bn€. . Both funds will pursue the same investment strategy that has distinguished Montefiore since inception and will invest equity tickets ranging from €20m to €200m.

In just a few months:

  • Montefiore Investment Expansion , the small cap fund, has already exceeded its target of €400m, and reached its hard cap of €450m;
  • The mid cap fund Montefiore Investment VI has reached an interim closing of close to €1bn and will continue the fundraising to wards its hard cap of €1.4bn in the coming months.

This remarkable performance, achieved in a difficult fundraising environment , was made possible by a strong vote of confidence from Montefiore’s existing investors. Their reinvestment rate already exceeds 100% in value. Existing investors have been joined by a significant number of new ones, notably institutional.

This closing comes at the end of a particularly successful first half of the year for Montefiore, with notably since the beginning of the year:

  • Four new investments, closing the investment period of Montefiore Investment V in three years, and completing the first investment of Montefiore Investment VI;
  • The strengthening of our international presence, with the completion of the first transaction by our Milan office;
  • Three successful exits, once again demonstrating the team’s ability to crystallize value despite a slow transaction market;
  • The accelerated development of our portfolio companies, with sales and EBITDA growing by over 20% year on year, in line with our long term average track record;

Montefiore Investment has thus confirmed its position as one of Europe’s best-performing investors.

Eric Bismuth, CEO of Montefiore Investment, comments: “These remarkable results are the fruit of our ambitious strategy and the quality of our teams in Paris and Milan. Montefiore Investment continues to develop exceptional mid-cap companies that are helping to drive growth in the French economy.”

À propos de Montefiore Investment

Créé en 2005, Montefiore Investment est l’investisseur de référence dans les PME et ETI de services en France. Fort d’une équipe de 50 collaborateurs, et en s’appuyant sur son expertise sectorielle et son savoir-faire, la société accompagne avec succès les entreprises dans leurs projets de croissance et de développement. Montefiore Investment a démontré sa capacité à transformer les ETI et PME en véritables champions européens. Ses performances lui ont permis de s’imposer comme une référence incontournable du capital investissement sur le mid-market. Basé à Paris et à Milan, Montefiore Investment dispose aujourd’hui de 4 milliards d’euros de fonds propres sous gestion et investit des tickets de 20 à 200 millions d’euros de fonds propres pour financer la croissance durable et rentable de ses participations. Depuis 2021, Montefiore est également actionnaire et partenaire stratégique de Starquest, société de gestion dédiée aux investissements dans les sociétés innovantes à fort impact environnemental (GreenTech).