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Montefiore Investment reaches €1.4 billion hard cap for its Montefiore Investment VI fund

By 25 June 2024July 4th, 2024No Comments

Paris, June 25, 2024.

Montefiore Investment, the French specialist in investments in small and mid-sized service companies, announces the closing of its “Montefiore Investment VI” fund for €1.4bn, reaching its hard cap. Following the closing of its complementary fund, Montefiore Investment Expansion, at its hard cap of €450m last September, this new fundraising brings Montefiore Investment’s assets under management to more than €5bn. This fundraising, carried out in a particularly challenging market environment, underlines the robustness and attractiveness of Montefiore Investment’s business model.

Eric Bismuth, CEO of Montefiore Investment, : “We are particularly proud of this fundraising, which was made possible by the renewed trust of our historical investors, whose reinvestment rate exceeds 115% in value, and the arrival of many other French and international investors. Montefiore Investment continues to develop its strategy of supporting SMEs and mid-cap companies, transforming them into true champions of their markets in France and Europe.“

Montefiore Investment VI, the mid-cap fund, is consistent with Montefiore’s historical strategy, with investment tickets ranging from €40m to €200m (and more with co-investments) in companies generally valued between €100m and €500m (and more than €1bn with co-investments). Investment opportunities of less than €40m are addressed by Montefiore Investment Expansion, the small-cap fund.

Both funds employ the same Montefiore strategy, Focus & Growth, based on sector specialisation in services (Focus) and accelerating profitable growth (Growth). By providing support in a number of key areas (internationalisation, digitalisation, etc.) as well as operational and strategic support, these two new vehicles will help more than twenty profitable and growing SMEs and STIs to become European champions.

Montefiore Investment calls these companies “Lionesses”, profitable SMEs and Mid-caps that grow over the long term and play a crucial role in economic development and job creation in France. By focusing on this segment, Montefiore Investment adds significant value and supports companies that make a real contribution to the vitality and dynamism of local areas and economic networks.

With more than fifty professionals based in Paris and Milan, and its ability to build strong partnerships with entrepreneurs and management teams, Montefiore Investment continues to demonstrate its uniqueness and leadership in the French and European private equity landscape.

About Montefiore Investment

Created in 2005, Montefiore Investment is the reference Private Equity firm dedicated to service SMEs and mid-market companies. With a team of 50 employees, and relying on its sector expertise and know-how, the company successfully supports companies in their growth and development projects. Montefiore Investment has demonstrated its ability to transform SMEs and midcap companies into true European champions. Its performance has enabled it to establish itself as a key player in mid-market private equity. Based in Paris and Milan, Montefiore Investment currently manages €5 billion of equity and invests ticket sizes ranging from €20 million to €200 million in order to finance sustainable and profitable growth for its portfolio companies. Since 2021, Montefiore has also been a shareholder and strategic partner of Starquest, a management company dedicated to investments in innovative companies with a strong environmental impact (GreenTech).