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In 2015, Montefiore invested in Biolab, a group of medical analysis laboratories in western Paris. Working alongside us, the group has established itself as a market leader in just three years.

Sector : Health
Support: 2015-2018
Participation : Majority

Key figures

annual sales growth between 2015 and 2018
EBIDTA multiplication in 4 years

Strategy for acquiring and integrating new sites

From 2015 to 2018, Biolab acquired 26 additional laboratories, increasing the number of sites from 19 to 45. These operations were financed by loans, obtained within the framework of an efficient banking pool.

Another success factor was the implementation of an innovative integration process. This included updating the IT system, optimizing control procedures and managing logistics flows, enabling the new sites to be integrated in less than 24 hours.

Another key element was the development of a new retail concept to significantly enhance the patient experience.

We were good at business development but had reached our limits. With Montefiore, we began to draw up our first formal budgets and our credibility in the eyes of the banks increased.

Daniel AttiasCEO of Biolab

Strengthening management and continuous process improvement

To implement this growth strategy, the Group’s management team has been strengthened, notably through the recruitment of new talents: an administrative and financial director (DAF) and a quality manager responsible for the technical platform.

In addition, as well as fine-tuning operational strategies and managing technical aspects, substantial investment has been made in production equipment, enabling us to significantly improve the automation of the technical platform.

This modernization was accompanied by the award of certifications issued by the Agence régionale de santé (ARS), testifying to the company’s compliance with high quality and safety standards.

The Biolab group was sold in 2018 to Eurofins, an international laboratory and medical analysis group.

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