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We partner with ambitious entrepreneurs and help them build long-term success stories. We are unswerving allies, contributing to their strategic thinking and supporting them in key moments of the lives of their companies.

  • Decisions that drive profitable, sustainable growth.
  • Decisions that reconcile rapid results with a long-term vision.
  • Decisions that give meaning to the work of team members and contribute to shared success.

Excellence, complementary profiles, proven methodologies… The constituent elements of Montefiore Investment are entirely at the service of the entrepreneurs we partner with, their companies and their employees.

So that, together, we can make the right choices.

What entrepreneurs say about us:

Why Montefiore Investment?


A strong sector
specialization in services


Historical expertise in supporting ambitious projects that deliver profitable and sustainable growth

The Montefiore way

Performance that is also supported by shared values and the way we work together

Our team

A team of over 50 professionals to accelerate and support your growth projects

Our commitments

Sustainability as an integral part of our DNA from day one, and an active contribution to the emergence of medium-sized companies in France and Europe

International footprint

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