Investment Year: 2019

Sector: B2B Services / Digital

Montefiore Investment partnered with serial entrepreneur Vincent Klingbeil to create European Digital Group (EDG) in 2019.

European Digital Group brings together within the same structure ultra-specialists in each lever involved in the digital acceleration of companies. By bringing together the leaders of each sector, EDG has developed a unique offer that combines the entrepreneurial energy of independent experts with the power of a group combining within the same structure technological innovations, cutting-edge expertise and ultra-strong teams. specialized. It offers a global and personalized offer thanks to the complementarity of its members: BigBoss and Proximum365 for BtoB lead generation, Ad’s up consulting for traffic acquisition and digital performance, Orès & 140 Studio for brand strategy and communication, Follow for referral and influence, Metsys for IT services and cybersecurity, Wold for IT consulting and Axome for e-commerce.

European Digital Group offers entrepreneurs who join them incomparable support to promote new business opportunities and maintain their leadership in their respective areas of expertise and encourage valuable collaboration between their members to promote the acceleration, innovation and efficiency of the offer offered to customers