The Montefiore way

Montefiore Investment puts corporate development at the heart of its action plan.

Our priority is to achieve profitable and sustainable growth within a flexible investment time frame which is tailored to each company’s situation.

We know that equity transactions are time and energy consuming. We put a particular emphasis on making the best assessment and providing shareholders and managers with quality answers in a timely manner. Our aim is to propose them an equity deal that matches their needs precisely.

Montefiore Investment provides entrepreneurs with strategic, financial and operational experience, along with a strong and far-reaching network. The direct involvement of our Partners and the flexible organization of Montefiore Investment allow for an easy, swift and efficient decision making process.

We strongly value companies’ human capital development as a key lever of growth in service businesses.

Montefiore Investment promotes the values of ethics, team work and excellence along with a strong entrepreneurial culture. We create a strong relationship with the entrepreneurs we partner with, based on mutual trust, transparency and a strong alignment of interests.