Our Commitments

Since inception, Montefiore Investment promotes the principles of responsible investment.

The integration of non-financial criteria relating to environmental, social and governance issues is at the core of our approach. This is for us neither a theoretical subject, nor a marketing slogan, nor an issue that we leave to the auditors.

On the contrary, this is part of our DNA.

Our approach consists in creating value for all parties involved (our investors, the companies we invest in, its managers and employees and the community in a larger sense). We aim at reaching a strong alignment of interests for all of them.

To that end, ESG considerations are integrated at each step of our process, from opportunity analysis to divestment. Our portfolio companies are monitored based on non-financial criteria, and all are being annually reviewed based on a series of ESG performance criteria.

Finally, Montefiore Investment and all its employees have ratified the UNPRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment) and have signed the ‘Charte d’Engagements des Investisseurs pour la Croissance’ (Charter of commitments sponsored by France Invest, the French Association of Private Equity Investors).